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Working Method: I work with acrylics. The intensity of color is due to working with anywhere from 6 to 20 layers of color on most parts of the canvas .Sometimes I start with a photograph, sometimes from plein air sketches and sometimes with just an idea. The painting becomes more abstract as it evolves. My main concern is the balance of shapes and colors – their relationships to one another and the feelings that they evoke within the viewer. It is the feeling, the flow of Energy that I really love about the painting process– the intensity and joy that comes when the painting seems to take on a life of its own. It is at this point in the work that changes are made through the heart and not the mind, and the artist feels that he/she is a part of higher creative processes.

Contact information: artist@newageart.com

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 Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

Liz-Beth & Co. Knoxville, Tennessee

Galerie du Soleil, Naples, Florida